3 Tips To Finding Your Restaurant Suppliers In Cape Town

Whether you are setting up your restaurant or branching out to open up another restaurant, finding the right balance of suppliers can be tricky. Suppliers are an important part of virtually every business. If you don’t have the right set up for your restaurant, you could be putting the success of your business at risk. Here are some tips to help you find your restaurant suppliers in Cape Town.


#1 Make As Many Lists As You Need

To ensure you are able to hit the ground running, make a list or lists of everything you need for your business to run, from your equipment right down to restaurant finishes, dinnerware and your menu items. It’s important to go as detailed as possible with these lists as you are essentially putting together your wishlist of items you need to run your restaurant in a comfortable manner.

#2 Spend Time Requesting Samples

Once you have your list of items ironed out, start working through the list and request samples. When it comes to your food supply and stock, reach out to the different suppliers on your list and see who can offer you what.

Be sure to spend sufficient time doing your research when it comes to choosing suppliers and ask as many questions as you need to. Be sure to check if there is a minimum quantity you need to order and if they offer any sort of discounts.

#3 Location Is Everything

When choosing suppliers, try and select ones close to where you are going to be setting up shop. This’ll result in faster lead time when requesting stock and less money spent on delivery chargers.

There is so much to think about and plan for when getting ready to open a restaurant, be sure to do sufficient planning so your restaurant is set up for success with the best wholesale food suppliers in Cape Town. I you need more information on getting a top supplier go here to find out more.

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Tips For Planning a 13th Birthday Party


Sorting out the logistics of your child’s 13th birthday party can be a time consuming activity depending on how elaborate you’re wanting to make the party. Give yourself enough time to plan and make the  necessary bookings.


Although it is acceptable to have a party before or after your child’s actual birth date, to ensure all the friends and family can attend and to host it at your preferred venue, you should book your venue and send out your invitations with enough notice for people to check their calendars.


Make Arrangements For Food and Don’t Forget The Party Favors.


Depending on the type of party you’re going to be hosting, choosing quick and easy foods will work to your advantage. As the kids will be so busy playing and enjoying each others company, you’re more likely to get away with finger foods. To let the fun and memories continue even after the party, don’t forget the party favors. You can customize party packs for the friends to take home with them by including  some of your child’s favorite snacks and activities.


Book The Entertainment For The Night


Why not surprise your son or daughter with a DIY photo booth all set up and ready to capture all the special memories at the party. A photo booth in itself can be all the fun and entertainment needed, but regardless of the theme or other activities planned for the party, a photo booth will be the cherry on the cake.


Thanks to the team at GetSnappic, you can set up your photo booth station hassle free. The DIY photo booth can be downloaded from the apple store and you can set up your iPad to take the photo’s. There are a variety of image options to choose from such as still photos to GIFS and with a green screen feature which allows guests to take photos with a backdrop of your choice, the photo booth is sure to be a hit.


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Last-Minute Holiday Travel Deals

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