3 Tips To Finding Your Restaurant Suppliers In Cape Town

Whether you are setting up your restaurant or branching out to open up another restaurant, finding the right balance of suppliers can be tricky. Suppliers are an important part of virtually every business. If you don’t have the right set up for your restaurant, you could be putting the success of your business at risk. Here are some tips to help you find your restaurant suppliers in Cape Town.


#1 Make As Many Lists As You Need

To ensure you are able to hit the ground running, make a list or lists of everything you need for your business to run, from your equipment right down to restaurant finishes, dinnerware and your menu items. It’s important to go as detailed as possible with these lists as you are essentially putting together your wishlist of items you need to run your restaurant in a comfortable manner.

#2 Spend Time Requesting Samples

Once you have your list of items ironed out, start working through the list and request samples. When it comes to your food supply and stock, reach out to the different suppliers on your list and see who can offer you what.

Be sure to spend sufficient time doing your research when it comes to choosing suppliers and ask as many questions as you need to. Be sure to check if there is a minimum quantity you need to order and if they offer any sort of discounts.

#3 Location Is Everything

When choosing suppliers, try and select ones close to where you are going to be setting up shop. This’ll result in faster lead time when requesting stock and less money spent on delivery chargers.

There is so much to think about and plan for when getting ready to open a restaurant, be sure to do sufficient planning so your restaurant is set up for success with the best wholesale food suppliers in Cape Town. I you need more information on getting a top supplier go here to find out more.

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Why you Should Consider Mini Skip Bins

If you haven’t needed to make use of a skip before, you might find it challenging navigating the various options at your disposal. There are numerous sizes of skips, all of which carry different quantities of waste. With multiple sizes available, the experienced team at Skip Hire can assist in guiding you in the right direction.

Define Your Project

Before going ahead with your project, it’s necessary to define your project and map out what exactly it is you are wanting to achieve at the end of the project cycle. Once you have done that, you will be able to move forward with extra considerations and items you will need to ensure the project is a success. Whether you are spring cleaning or doing construction, the option of hiring a skip should be considered.

The biggest benefit of hiring or Rental a mini skip bin is if you’re limited on the amount of space you have you can hire one of those. By doing that you can ensure your property is kept neat and tidy and does not become an occupational health and safety hazard for those working on the property.

If you opted to have a project manager on site to oversee the renovation, you can get your project manager to arrange with Skip Hire to schedule pick up and drop offs of the skip to ensure it doesn’t go over the limit that it is allowed to carry and the mini skip bin does not overflow.

Don’t Delay, Contact Skip Hire Today!

Contact Mini Skip Hire, South Africa’s leading online suppliers of mini skip hire and waste management solutions and get your quote for skip hire. The process for booking a mini skip bin could not be any easier. You call, they deliver.

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Wine Tours In Stellenbosch With Your Own Personal Wine Guide

Stellenbosch is a university town that is surrounded by the iconic Cape Winelands. Wine tours in Stellenbosch will offer you the opportunity to experience exceptional wine tastings at world class wine estates. Along with historic oak trees, winding back roads,and art galleries there is so much to do and see in Stellenbosch.

You can expect to find the most exquisite wine farms while doing wine tours in Stellenbosch. Book your wine tour with Explore Sideways and visit some of the most unique and well known international wine estates while uncovering everything this region has to offer.

For any wine lover visiting South Africa, we recommend that you include both well-known wine estates as well as some of the smaller farms to be able to soak up as much of the Cape wine culture as possible.

Explore Sideways gives an exclusive full day Stellenbosch wine tour where you can discover the Stellenbosch wine region together with your own private wine guide. In addition, they offer you a wide selection of other private tours. They are the leaders in curating Food & Wine tours in Stellenbosch as well as the rest of Cape Town. Experience enriching and extraordinary full or half day tours, as qualified specialists introduce you to the secret spots only locals know about. Each tour is created to suit individual tastes and needs. You can be sure to gain exclusive access to the most inspiring people and enchanting places in and around the Cape. You also have an option to customise your own tour for a one of a kind encounter.

Explore Sideways also provides pick-up and drop-off services at your accommodation in and around Cape Town.

Check out site here and you will discover the hidden gems of Cape Town with your very own specialist guide by booking your wine tours in Stellenbosch with Explore Sideways.


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Tips to Handle morning sickness

Tips to Handle Morning Sickness

You are finally pregnant but something is damping your joy – morning sickness and how to deal with it. It affects more women than you think especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy and it can be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to control it or at the very least minimize it. Try these tips:

• Eat what you feel like eating

There are so many foods that are traditionally thought of as not good for morning sickness. The thing is though that these foods differ from one pregnant woman to another. Don’t force yourself to eat something that you cannot stomach – it will make your morning sickness worse.

• Your prenatal vitamins may be the problem

Because they are high in iron vitamins tend to make pregnant women nauseated. If you feel this way you don’t have to take them. You can ask your doctor to prescribe you vitamin pills that do not contain iron, or you can stick to folic acid unless the doctor says that the vitamins are absolutely necessary.

• Remove yourself from nauseating situations

There are certain smells that you will be more sensitive to. It could be the smell of a perfume, sweat – anything really. Unless you absolutely have to you should get away from such smells. If you don’t like the way a colleague smells ask to be moved to a different location.

• Try alternative therapies

These include mindfulness sessions and meditation. Research has shown that women who try these therapies along with Vitamin B6 do feel better than those who do not.

• Get enough rest

When you are not well rested even a little nausea can feel like a lot so make a point to sleep well especially in the early months of pregnancy.

Morning sickness

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